Cinemark XD West Plano

Address: 3800 Dallas Pky
Phone: (972) 473-2289
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 22566


  • Tricia

    Skip the ticket lines and use the ticket kiosks located inside and outside the theater (or just buy in advance with Fandango)
  • Liz Le

    Recliner seats...word!
  • Jackie Bese

    Have to agree about the seats. Leather soft and reclining
  • Stephanie Harper

    Don't bring your noisy babies/kids and STFU
  • Gerardo Vargas

    get your movie candy across the street at tom thumb.
  • William Reymond

    Early bird special : 5 bucks, 7 days a week...
  • Collin Schlicht

    Get here early for big movies/new releases - Don't get stuck in an awkward seat like a movie n00b. Target the middle for the best picture (sit twice the diagonal of the screen) and for optimal sound.
  • [] Jojo

    Buy the 9 dollar popcorn bucket. Refills are 3 dollars. Junior popcorn is 4.50. You'll save money and get more popcorn in the long run
  • Mark C

    The XD theater is one of 15 in the world to have Dolby Digital's new 64-speaker "Atmos" surround sound system, which features overhead speakers and the ability to target 64 individual speakers.
  • Chic

    They totally show movies here.
  • Hal Waldrop

    With cinemark headquarters right next door, this location gets all the cool stuff first, like xd and remodeled food court.
  • Parina Douangdara

    They have very comfy seats and an interesting self-service set-up for concessions. If you have to get your caffeine fix, you can also buy Starbucks at this theater.
  • [] Jojo

    Popcorn bucket just got cheaper ! It's 6 dollars now instead of 9.
  • Mark

    5.50 for a large drink with 3.00 refills until December 2011!
  • Rachel Neyrey

    Try the delicious kettle corn!! So tasty!
  • Austin Poff

    The xd screens are phenomenal.
  • Courtney Cox

    The concession stand is ELITE here.
  • Justin Hogue

    Always clean and great line ups!
  • Kurt von Schleicher

    Be pretty close not far back where distractions dwell. @kurtwvs
  • Jerry L

    Nice Theatre. Better than AMC. My go to theatre for Main stream Hollywood Videos
  • Courtney Cox

    You can get Starbucks here!!
  • Arman Abbassi

    Seats are the most comfy ones ever!!! Very cozy type theater rooms
  • Matthew Valtierra

    Buy tickets at costco! Only 15.49 for 2 tickets and good for every movie!
  • Mike Walters

    The blue Icee is a hit!
  • Nick Q

    Them press seats tho.
  • Lisa Klosterman

    A great way to spend the day.
  • John Haughey

    Buying the tickets with the Fandango app is pointless. They still have to take your phone to scan and print out tickets, which is the same as lining up like everyone else. Isn't more convenient
  • Social News Network

    If you get up for the first showing of the day, the tickets are much cheaper!
  • Dallas Film Society

    Cinemark Classics screenings every Wednesday!
  • Samareh Gharbavi

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