Cinemark Legacy and XD

Address: 7201 N Central Expy
Phone: (972) 527-4385
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Category: Movie Theater
Check Ins: 14015


  • Brandon Geoffrion

    Go see Avatar because everybody says it is awesome.
  • Derek Box

    Don't be the ass who does a foursquare check in during the movie.
  • Aaron Ruiz

    Good idea to bring raw eggs to the theatre. You know for throwing at those crazy teens when they get outta hand. Then you get twice the entertainment value!!
  • Geoff Giauque

    Go to Cinemark to see the latest movies... but watch out for the teenagers on the weekends.
  • Ruby Chang

    Watch movies in XD!!
  • Jigar Naik

    The teens here can ruin a movie.
  • Jennylind Doyle

    If you come in before 11am to see a movie tickets are $5 for adults!
  • Michael Ortiz

    Don't buy candy out of that Wonka machine, they barely give you any...kind of a rip off.
  • Adam Garrett

    Beat the crowds and save money by going to the first show of the day, only $5.75.
  • Ed

    Paciugo gelato here! Also, I've been to theaters all over the world - Texans really make your movie-going experience fascinating.
  • Sam Dunn

    It's most friendly I ever seen. This place had prepare for deaf to aware of how to use CV and menus to order food/drink.
  • Jenna S

  • Raza Begg

    Sherlock Holmes will be awesome get the Philly cheese steak it's the bomb
  • Alecia Barrera

    Never laugh out loud when the guy behind the counter asks u if the pickle that he gave u was big enough..... Rotflmfao!!
  • Asma

    One of the best theaters in plano!
  • Yonjiru

    Try watching 3D upclose. Most people sit at the back and would just seem like your watching it at home with a big tv.
  • Kristi K. T.

    Don't have a hot dog at concession stand. Like rubber bread is hard and split open. Like they were days old.
  • William Felker

    Great XD Screen and very clean.
  • Chris Knight

    Buy tickets online to skip the lines!
  • Elizabeth Khorrami

    Bring your own food because the food here sucks. And is expensive.
  • J.P. Ralston

    Come early instead of at night! Only paid $5 for my ticket compared to $9.
  • Paul Benavidez

    Theater 12 Row O Seat 15
  • Colleen James

    There's a lot if great, amazing things to say about this theater but the lack of water cups with lids really irks me.
  • Leticia Cisneros

    Our favorite theatre, but the Starbucks here is slow. Your lucky if you even get waited on...
  • Korey Fort

    Do not eat the good here...ever. Worst movie food ever.
  • Philip Check

    If you shout "hehe" when the screen goes blank during the picture.. You will get a laugh
  • Spydr

    Love the little brunette who cleaned my theatre. She chatted about things with me and made me laugh. Cute latina girl with a big smile.
  • Raza Begg

    The kitchen staff is very incompetent. The manager has no service awareness
  • Eric Jammer

    The best place to watch movies in N. Dallas
  • Rob Yeichner

    This place is a dump - bathrooms without enough soap dispensers, air dryers that hardly work - must have built in the 70s and never updated. My last time spending $$$ here.
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